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Lee Stafford Argon Oil from Morroco products | Beauties Unlocked

I have to admit I'm not really a hair product kind of girl other than products I apply in the bath or shower. I don't normally like the smell or feel of hair sprays as my hair is quite fine and it can weigh it down so I look like Little Nicky out of Pepper Ann! (Not a good Look .. Trust me)

I Received the Lee Stafford Anti- Frizz Serum Spray and the Flexible Hold Hairspray as part of my goodie bag and I am so glad I did.

I fell in love with this and it also made it into my monthly favourites. It really works, I know I know so it should for £9.99 but this is the only product I have tried and would re buy for frizz. I just spray it on my fly aways and run my hands over and they are gone!! 
It smells lovely and doesn't weigh down my hair at all. I recommend this so much. It is also a anti humidity spray so brilliant for this warm weather we have been getting.

Butane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Alcohol Denat., Propane, Isobutane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Parfum (Fragrance), Coumarin, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol

The only time I use hairspray is when I have an updo that I need to stay put. I decided to try out the Power Plaits that was on the card that came with these products which is just two french plaits which are placed around the head into a crown shape (see below). I used the Anti frizz spray after brushing making my hair alot easier to work with and once my plaits were in place I sprayed with the Flexible hold hairspray. 
Once again the smell wasnt bad like most hairspays and my hair lasted all night and I actually went to sleep with it in and woke up with it still intact. 

Alcohol Denat., Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Aqua, Polyurethane-14, AMP-Acrylates Copolymer, Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/Butylaminoethyl, Methacrylate Copolymer, Aminomethyl propanol, Panthenol, Parfum (Fragrance), Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Glycerine, Hydrolyzed Silk, Coumarin, Geraniol, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol

I have found a few new products which will definitely be repurchased in the future and I love using these together. 

Have you tried any of the range?

Thursday, 31 July 2014


Blog Yorkshire is a new collaboration of bloggers that have come together to make more events for us bloggers up north. It consists of the beautiful Faith from Music and Eyeliner and Carrieanne from Beauty Unlocked. After attending the PS Pre Party with Faith and not being impressed with the makeup artist there, I was asked if I would do a big demonstration at Blog Yorkshire's first event at Revolution Call Bar, Leeds. After only ever working on close friends and family despite being obsessed with makeup, I obviously refused until Faith said that I could stay in a corner and people could just come to me. After weeks of wondering why on earth I threw myself in to the deep end and worrying about what everyone would think, the day finally came. Toni from The Left of Perfect kindly met me outside and helped me to relax by letting me do her face first whilst all the other bloggers piled into the space. By the time I had finish her beautiful face I was ready to face anything and raring to go. The event had a wide range of companies there as well as unbelievable donations to the Charity raffle for The British Heart Foundation. I was blown away by the turnout and at the end I received the best goodie bag ever!

Pretty impressive, right? The brands involved on the day and in the goodies bags included House of Fraser

, Jelly Belly, Urban Fruit, Faith PR, The City Rack, ESPA, Pastille Nail Bar, Country Attire, Quiz Clothing, Wynsor Shoes, Allertons and of course, myself. Which is pretty weird to say. Unfortunately, due to me being involved with the actual event and attending it, I didn't get to mingle as much as I would have liked and some brands didn't see me as a blogger, despite my big sign saying I was....So, I do apologise if we didn't get chance to talk or if I looked flustered and panicky, hopefully I'll see you at the next one! Special mentions to House of Fraser's amazing little goodie bags as I got an Estee Lauder Mini
Foundation Brush, Pastille Nail Bar for being beautiful people as always and Country Attire for grabbing me at the last minute and giving me the most beautiful bracelet ever. I also didn't manage to get an ESPA bag or talk to them as they were constantly busy, but they seemed lovely and everyone walked away incredibly happy.

This photo was kindly taken by The Inelegant Wench.

Toni from The Left of Perfect before and after her makeover by me with her beautiful flower crown made by Lucy Earnshaw. Products used include Illamasqua Skinbase, MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, MAC Cool Palette, HD Brows set, MAC Rebel and Envyderm Mascara.

I also got to meet Sally from Wheeling Along 24 and I had the chance to redo her already flawless base with MAC Studio fix (which was so perfect on her skin), Bobbi Brown Powder, MUA Undress me Highlighter and a blush from Crownbrush. Just after pictures for this one though I'm afraid.

My first 'Panic and Take Everything Kit' which has already been condensed down to my favourites, I shall be doing a post on it too!

Made myself take more photos with people this time so here's Sally from Wheeling Along 24, Tilly fromPaperCrowned and Danielle from Famous in Japan. I slightly fan girled after recognising Danielle as usually I realise who everyone is when I'm back at home, so this was extremely exciting. 

Finally a little outfit of the day as I decided to keep it fairly simply as the theme was festival but my dress didn't arrive in time. I ended up in my George at Asda
 Skirt and Vest top with a Primark belt and Yours Clothing Jacket.

I absolutely loved the event and would love to go to another! Faith and Carrieanne were incredible and it's probably one of the best events I've been to so far. Well done, ladies!

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I was treated to this as part of the Blog Yorkshire experience on the 12th of July in Leeds. The lady at the stall asked me lots of questions about my skin, and she gave me a gift bag which was filled with items for my oily skin. I did my research when I got home, and was incredibly thrilled to read that ESPA are a cruelty free company (confirmed here)!

I was a little surprised to see an oil in my little giftbag, especially as I had told her my skin had a horrible habit of being oily and disgusting but I thought I'd give it ago anyway. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. As part of a new routine (goodbye, face wipes!) I have been removing my makeup, cleansing and then giving my skin a few drops of this to my face despite my reservations about the oil.

I didn't really take notice of the changes for the first few days I admit, but I did take a long look in the mirror when I kept getting complimented on my 'glow'.. And I noticed. I don't know whether its just down to the oil itself, or whether its my new routine - or even the fact I'm taking new supplements - but my face actually looks moderately okay without foundation. The oil, even if it doesn't have anything to do with the my skin clearing, definitely has something to do with how beautiful it feels. Its soft, even the areas which did used to get dry (either side of my nose, between my eyebrows) are feeling great. It soaks into my skin really quickly and doesn't leave a nasty slicky residue after application, leaving a lovely smell behind to boot.

I don't think I can afford £43 every so often in order to replenish my supply, but the trial bottle has hardly got a dent in it and I've used it for a week so hopefully it will keep me going long enough!

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


! Y A Y !

It's the first day of the summer holidays for me and the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I am sat in the garden topping up my (non-existent) tan.

~ B e a u t i f u l ~

However, what wasn't so beautiful was the fact that my oh-so-loving Hubby woke me up far too early on his way out to work this morning, rifling through all of my hair products until he found what he was after - something I thought I had hidden quite well from him too may I add - and then proceeded to spray it very lavishly, and quite loudly all over his mop of hair.

P F F f f f f t t

Now don't get me wrong - I'll gladly share my things - I'm not a total meanie - but both of the boys in my house have fairly long, quite wild hair and have now both decided that they absolutely love the smell of, and love the way that certain new products of mine hold their hair in place...therefore my love for them isn't getting a look in.

And the products that have us all fighting are these fab Lee Stafford hair sprays that I so happily found in my goody bag from the Blog Yorkshire meet I recently attended (here).

Both products are infused with Argan Oil all the way from Morocco and they have a really lovely, totally un-product like scent.

They're great, and very kindly, my boys have left the can of Anti-Frizz Serum Spray (here) alone really.

I'm obviously allowed to use this one all on my own (Thanks boys!), which is just as well really because I absolutely love it.

The scent is great, and actually quite Moroccan (if that can be a scent) and it sprays on in a lovely fine mist but the effect it has on my hair is just fantastic.

I went to a party last weekend and fully straightened my almost-waist-length for the first time in ages.
(I'm getting really lazy and tend to just leave it naturally wavy more these days.)

I was a little worried about the humidity on the night though because my hair tends to just grow the hotter a room is, and it will expand outwards and upwards until it resembles cotton wool.

How beautiful.

But I shouldn't have worried at all.

All night - and even the day after through comments on photographs that were taken - my hair received so many compliments due to how shiny and healthy-looking it was.

I was amazed and certainly owe that all to this little red can of fabulousness.

Thank you Lee Stafford - I will be keeping this all for my very own.

The product I am seemingly having to share though, however reluctantly, is this can of Flexible Hold Hairspray (here).

Again, this applies in a really pleasant "Moroccan" smelling, very fine mist yet it holds fantastically, with no stickiness or yackiness at all.

I found that on my hair, probably because I only used a small amount, the hold was very natural and it didn't affect my hair's usual movement or feel in any way...which I was very pleased about.

On my son's hair however, the hold was a lot firmer - still natural with no stiffness - but noticeably firmer - maybe because I used quite a lot more on him than I did my own hair.

I never really used product on his hair before, but he has reached an age now (stop growing up so quickly!!) where he wants to have a hair style that fits in with all of his friends - gone is his long, curly "Harry One D" style hair do (sob!) - he now wants a shorter style - with a "quiff".

And a very specific kind of a quiff too, one which has to be hair sprayed and gelled just to make sure it stays put all day.

He really does hate the smell of hairspray usually too, which makes styling his hair a bit of a chore.

I think he has adopted this Lee Stafford one for himself because of this - it holds his hair in place just how he likes it and it smells really nice and very un-hairspray like too.

The hairspray has an eight year old fan.

The Hubby, as explained from this mornings episode, lathers the stuff on and just loves the fact that it keeps his long, usually unruly hair in one place all day.

He is also a fan of the fact that it has helped to stop his natural curls "fluffing up" during the day - which I informed him was to do with the Argan Oil within it.

~ Cue blank stare and an "eh" from Hubby at this point... ~

Anyway, whether they understand the formula and the magic behind the products or not, it seems I now have new competition over getting my hands on things in my home.

I really can't see these lasting all too long at all, so no doubt there will be some Lee Stafford purchases being made in the not too distant future.

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ESPA are a brand I had never heard of until I attended the Blog Yorkshire event on Saturday 12th July at Revolution Bar in Leeds. I am already completely in love with the brand, so much that I emailed them to let them know how much their products work for me. While getting a skin consultation at the counter, the girls who worked there asked myself and my friend Phoebe from FlawlessFlares to chose which smell we preferred from two different cotton pads. This was to determine which goodie bag we would be receiving in relation to our skin type. Of course I was given the one for dry and sensitive skin, and in my bag was a 100ml tube of their Exfoliating Body Polish - I was shocked we weren't given the sample size and were given the full size retailing at £18.50! 

This exfoliator has made it SO easy for me to false tan, which is something that never usually happens for me. I'm not at all the type of girl who can just slap on false tan and it spreads evenly over my body; usually I'm patchy, orange and end up with a huge allergic reaction all over my arms and neck. I'm still perfecting my perfect false tan routine, so I don't think you'll be seeing one for a while..but I am keen to try out more expensive false tans now I have an exfoliating product to buff and get rid of my dead skin and hopefully it won't be a waste of my money. Another thing I adore about this product is that it smells of spearmint which is gorgeous! I've always loved the scent and have chosen spearmint gum over any other flavours any day so this was a nice little incentive making me love the product even more.

The product application is so easy, you can use it with hot water like a usual exfoliator while bathing and shaving, or you can just use it on your skin and buff it completely in to reduce dry skin before moisturising (this option tends to work better for me). 

Again the Exfoliating Body Polish retails for £18.50, which is quite pricey but if you have really sensitive skin/eczema I would more than recommend this product and the price is definitely justifiable!

Have you tried any of ESPA's products? Which is your favourite exfoliator to use?
Do you have any tips for sensitive skin?

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HOLI ONE Colour Festival | Leeds

The HOLI ONE Colour Festival has arrived in Leeds!!!

The Festival is inspired by the original Indian Holi fest, but is not associated with or related to that festival.

“The festival is all about making friends, coming together and having an unforgettable experience. Everyone is equal at HOLI ONE and everyone leaves looking the same, covered in safe and quality cosmetic powder, with a smile on their face and some great pictures to remember it all by.”
 HOLI ONE Colour Festival is not a religious festival or event the festival is about promoting the ideas of togetherness and the colour of everyday life during a day of fun and exhilaration, it travels around the world, bringing people together through music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation.

The Event is taking place on Saturday 9th August at Harewood House between the Hours of 12.00 and 22.00. 

There is Tickets to be won so get sharing the Picture below on Twitter @holioneworld 

This is set to be an AMAZING day out and definitely one to remember. 

The Festival is for over 18's only

No Food or Drink to be taken into the Festival, but stalls will be selling Food & Refreshments throughout the day (Including Alcohol).

Hopefully I will see a few of you there!!!
Carrieanne xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sorry this has been a long time coming I haven't felt the best lately, but here it finally is the goodie bag Giveaway.

On the 12th of this month I co-organised the Blog Yorkshire 1st event in Leeds and we had a couple of the main Blog Yorkshire Goodie bags spare so I thought it would make a perfect giveaway. 

So onto the brands 
Lee Stafford - kindly sent their Argon Oil anti Frizz Spray and Hairspray I have used these and I have to say I have fell in love and will be repurchasing. 
Nanshy - Sent a blending brush in a gorgeous little pouch and the quality of their brushes for the price are amazing, 
Washi - Provided a gorgeous little parcel which is their skin polishing kit included is an body exfoliating towel a hot cloth and some of their cotton buds (not available in the UK yet). Once you try these you wont go back to normal cloths. 
Ginvera - Sent BB creams and Marvel gels. This Goodie bag contained the Marvel Gel which is one of my favourite skincare products. Its a non harsh gel exfoliater that takes off all your dead skin. 
Skinetica - What would a goodie bag be without this anti blemish super toner I have seen so many good reviews on this.
Oriflame - First time I have tried this mascara and I am really enjoying wearing it. My mum used to work for Oriflame and I not tried their products for a while so was happy with this. 
Bronze Ambition- sent through some of their fake tan and this bag contains 2 of their Natural Tan. 
Vitabiotics - I love vitamins and the Prefectil Skin, Hair and Nails are by far my favourite. The bag contains a 7 day trial. 
AKA - a natural makeup brand the bags contained either an Eyeshadow, Lipgloss or Nail polish. This bag contains a lipgloss in the colour Estacy.
Joey Essex - Volumising Powder haha look at his little head. Not tried any of this range before but love a volumising powder. 
Viridian - Coconut oil. I use this anyway so was happy when they agreed to provide this for the goodie bags so many good uses. Beauty or cooking. 
Ginger and Co - Who doesn't like a good hand cream and with a name like Dreamy Cream it must be good. 
and last but not least
Jelly Belly - Everyones favourite Jelly Bean and I am in love with the coconut ones 

So thats it we did get more goodie bags on the day but these were the main ones which we had a spare so get filling in below for your chance to win.
Raffle Copter wasn't working so had to use Punch tab (never used before) there is a skip/ next  button at the bottom to take you through the steps.

Carrieanne xx