Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Blog Yorkshire Goodie Haul | Katherine Rosie

Blog Yorkshire was definitely the thing I was most looking forward to this July, which I attended last Saturday (July 12th). A while ago my friend Phoebe from FlawlessFlares and I booked our tickets to attend the Yorkshire Bloggers meetup hosted by the lovely Carrieanne from BeautiesUnlocked and Faith from MusicandEyeliner. Since the event has been announced their have been #blogyorkshire chats from their twitter page in which so many lovely bloggers have been involved which made me feel so much more at ease and less nervous to attend the event. It was my first blogging event which I was over the moon about as I have only been blogging since February, so it definitely made me feel like I have achieved a lot with my blog and come far in only a short space of time. 

There were some amazing brands at the event on Saturday which included Espa, Allertons, Quiz, Country Attire, Pastille and Wyndsors. ESPA was a brand I was especially excited to try as their products are completely 100% the natural. The girls who were there representing the brand were completely lovely and explained how ESPA is completely British as it is manufactured over here in the UK - I especially love this as its nice to keep some tradition when it comes to the beauty industry. There were different goodie bags depending on your skin type, of course my skin is dry so therefore I ended up with the goodie bag with the products which aimed to remove dead skin and also smoothen it out, which I can't at all complain about. I am so surprised at how much ESPA gave to us as their products don't retail the cheapest..

ESPA were kind enough to give me their Exfoliating Body Polish (100ml), which a review will be coming shortly as its so far the only exfoliator which hasn't irritated my skin and brought up an allergic reaction. Also in the little goodie bag was their Energising Shower Gel and one of their Pro Serums, both of which are aimed for dry and sensitive skin so I cannot wait to try this products out. 

Inside the ESPA gift bag was also a smaller little gift set which had various samples of their products such as their Pro Serum, 24 Hour Replenishing Moisuriser, Eyecream and Toner. They gave us so much to try which is amazing considering it was all for free and we got a lovely skin consultation at the same time. I especially love the 'Love Your Skin' tips which came inside the smaller bag..so cute.

The goodie bag we received at the end of the event had even more skincare products in store for us. I was beyond excited to see the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream in my bag as I have been wanting to try it for so long as it seems to be hyped up all over the beauty community, another thing I was so pleased about was the Hand It To Me Dreamy Handcream - I adore handcreams and my hands get especially dry in summer so its nice to have a new one to try out. 

Aaaah makeup products! In my bag was an AKA Eyeshaow Duo which I'm excited to try as I don't tend to have many blue or navy shadows in my collection. I also received the Oriflame Wonderlash mascara which I used today and its amazing for lash separation and length. I was too happy when I saw I had a makeup brush in my bag, I nearly missed this as it was wrapped in its little bag but when I saw it was a blending brush ( I was so pleased. I've wanted MAC's 217 Blending Brush for so long now, so its nice to have a new good quality blending brush in my collection and I'll now be able to see whether I really do need MAC's 217. 

As you know, myself and fake tan don't tend to get on very well. However I've used 'Fake Don't Bake's Natural Look Tanning Cream before and its similar to the Dove Summer Glow which really suits my skin time as its a build up of colour rather than a strong instant fake tan which I really like, so I am glad I have one of these back in my summer skincare collection.

Woooow, I love Lee Stafford products and have always said how I've wanted to try more, and what's even better is that they are from the Argan Oil collection which is an amazing ingredient for your hair.

These are just a few extra bits and bobs which we got in our bags such as gel cushions for heeled shoes, which will be perfect for me as its all I wear, a nail file and a perfume sample. 

Blog Yorkshire was such a good day, Pastille Beauty Bar from Leeds were there to supply free manicures to any one who wanted and I got my nails done in the Essie shade 'Chinchilly' and it was so therapeutic and lovely to have my nails done for once as I don't ever get them done. Also, Georgina Grogan from SheMightBeLoved was available to give makeovers for just £5, it was so lovely to meet her and talk to her about her makeup kit and she even let me try out some of the products on my face for free. 

I am so pleased I went to the Blog Yorkshire event and will definitely be attending some more of their events in the near future which I am looking forward too, thank you to everyone who I met for being so lovely and I hope to see you again soon.


Post wrote by Katherine @ katherinerosie.blogspot.co.uk please check out her beauty and lifestyle blog she has some lovely wish lists


  1. I loved the Espa set, i can't believe how generous they were!

    Keli | kelskurls.blogspot.net xx