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July’s Blog Yorkshire Event | QueenBeady

So, here it was. My first ‘’OFFICIAL’’ Blog Meet. As the wedding took up a lot of my time and effort I had slightly forgotten about my wee, little blog! So I have been determined to ramp up the volume and get involved in the ‘’Blogosphere’’ (Ah yes, I just pulled the ‘’B-BOMB!’’)
The lovely Carrie-Ann of Beauties Unlocked & Faith of Music and Eyeliner decided to create ‘’Blog Yorkshire’’ to showcase Brands with us lovely Bloggers, and thus it was born. They had an amazing response to tickets with people clambering to get one for the event & I was lucky enough to snag a ticket, making it officially my first little outing as ‘’QueenBeady.’’
The theme was (my favourite theme of all!) FESTIVAL. So out come the flower crowns, the sparkle, the glitter, the kimonos & everything in between. Dust it off, because it was welcome at this event. In the morning I thought to myself, ‘’Am I nervous?’’ and the answer was a resounding NO. I was so looking forward to meeting some lovely, lovely people who all shared a common passion with me.

 The venue was Revolution Bar on Call Lane & I couldn’t help fall in love with this little piece of gorgeousness! I want one. It’s pretty awesome, right? I think we should try and fill one of the frames with a snap shot of the event!
So after mingling and saying hello, meeting new faces it was time to get down with the brands that were showcasing at the event and we were not disappointed with what was on offer. I of course had a personal favourite which was Country & Attire a typically english, out in the countryside type of company. As soon as they mentioned Hunters & Barbour to me, I was there! I spend a lot of time on Mr C’s parents farm so these brands are a must when you rolling up your trousers and wading through mud frequently.

 Gee, thanks Faith! Gosh, I do love your macaroons!

 They hosted a bit of welly croquet later on in the day which was so much fun! And, they even contributed a pair of Hunter wellies to the raffle. If you didn’t win, you could win with my giveaway here!
Because I am more in to Fashion & Lifestyle blogging, Quiz Clothing were another firm favourite at the event. They brought along some super cute dress (albeit some were a little too glitzy for me!). A firm favourite was a colourful, tropical dress and the metallic heels.

 I loved the Great Gatsby style of this dress!

  I was lucky enough to get the chance to style an outfit with the dresses, shoes & accessories they had brought along. Everyone had to vote for their favourite outfit, and guess what? Little old me WON! Yes, the unluckiest person, who never wins anything WON! So, I now have a £50 voucher to spend with Quiz. If you can think of any options for me, feel free to suggest.
 Because I’m not really a beauty addict I had absolutely NO IDEA about ESPA & I am so glad that they were there because Danielle gave us a run down of their products and taught us that depending on our skin type we are swayed to certain smells. 95% people are drawn in to a particular scent and I fell in to that statistic. I technically chose the dry skin smell! 

They also gave us the most gorgeous goody bags depending on our skin type & it has tempted me in to actually creating a skin care regime for myself. Let’s see how my trial run goes with these little beauties.

Pastille Leeds were also there on hand to create the perfect mani. I so would have had my nails done, but I already had them painted & couldn’t bear to part with my own Ciate Mani that I had created the night before. But I am sure you will agree Jenna from Hepcat Blogs nails looked amazing in a matte finish.

 The wonderful Georgina from She Might Be Loved another super, talented blogger was also offering the services of a beautiful make over. No amount of pretty can fix my ugly so I didn’t take up the offer, but, the makeovers she did were incredible & I really hope this has encouraged her to get out & just DO IT!

The amount of prizes in the raffle draw was just ridiculous! I bought a strip of tickets but failed to win any prizes! Like I said, I’m terribly unlucky (bar my earlier win!) so a big congratulations to all the winners, you are so so soooo lucky! With prizes from Zatchel Bags, to Nair products to the penultimate prize of a pair of Hunters from Country Attire there was literally something for everyone!

The sweets, biscuits, cupcakes & even strawberries kept our palettes happy. A bit of indulgence is always acceptable and I have to say, whoever baked those buns is nothing short of a genius.
I met so many lovely people & quite frankly the blogging world is lovely. It’s inspirational to meet people who are just as passionate as you are about reading and writing (our little babies!) Like my new Blogging BFF Frances from Then Let’s Begin (She has probably hit block or delete once she reads that!) it is like a Solidarity, Sisterhood and it’s empowering that we are kicking ass and showing the people out there that we are a voice & you better well damn listen to it!
I am so looking forward to our next meet which word on the grapevine is not going to be until November! But, it something for us to look forward to when I get a serious case of ‘’Winter Blues.’’ I’d love to hear if there any sporadic Yorkshire Blog events in the future, keep me posted.
Now if you know what it’s worth, go follow all the lovely people mentioned and also head over to Blog Yorkshireand find some amazingly, talented bloggers/writers for all your fashion, beauty, lifestlye needs!
Until next time…..
Rebecca xxx

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