Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sorry this has been a long time coming I haven't felt the best lately, but here it finally is the goodie bag Giveaway.

On the 12th of this month I co-organised the Blog Yorkshire 1st event in Leeds and we had a couple of the main Blog Yorkshire Goodie bags spare so I thought it would make a perfect giveaway. 

So onto the brands 
Lee Stafford - kindly sent their Argon Oil anti Frizz Spray and Hairspray I have used these and I have to say I have fell in love and will be repurchasing. 
Nanshy - Sent a blending brush in a gorgeous little pouch and the quality of their brushes for the price are amazing, 
Washi - Provided a gorgeous little parcel which is their skin polishing kit included is an body exfoliating towel a hot cloth and some of their cotton buds (not available in the UK yet). Once you try these you wont go back to normal cloths. 
Ginvera - Sent BB creams and Marvel gels. This Goodie bag contained the Marvel Gel which is one of my favourite skincare products. Its a non harsh gel exfoliater that takes off all your dead skin. 
Skinetica - What would a goodie bag be without this anti blemish super toner I have seen so many good reviews on this.
Oriflame - First time I have tried this mascara and I am really enjoying wearing it. My mum used to work for Oriflame and I not tried their products for a while so was happy with this. 
Bronze Ambition- sent through some of their fake tan and this bag contains 2 of their Natural Tan. 
Vitabiotics - I love vitamins and the Prefectil Skin, Hair and Nails are by far my favourite. The bag contains a 7 day trial. 
AKA - a natural makeup brand the bags contained either an Eyeshadow, Lipgloss or Nail polish. This bag contains a lipgloss in the colour Estacy.
Joey Essex - Volumising Powder haha look at his little head. Not tried any of this range before but love a volumising powder. 
Viridian - Coconut oil. I use this anyway so was happy when they agreed to provide this for the goodie bags so many good uses. Beauty or cooking. 
Ginger and Co - Who doesn't like a good hand cream and with a name like Dreamy Cream it must be good. 
and last but not least
Jelly Belly - Everyones favourite Jelly Bean and I am in love with the coconut ones 

So thats it we did get more goodie bags on the day but these were the main ones which we had a spare so get filling in below for your chance to win.
Raffle Copter wasn't working so had to use Punch tab (never used before) there is a skip/ next  button at the bottom to take you through the steps.

Carrieanne xx

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