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I was treated to this as part of the Blog Yorkshire experience on the 12th of July in Leeds. The lady at the stall asked me lots of questions about my skin, and she gave me a gift bag which was filled with items for my oily skin. I did my research when I got home, and was incredibly thrilled to read that ESPA are a cruelty free company (confirmed here)!

I was a little surprised to see an oil in my little giftbag, especially as I had told her my skin had a horrible habit of being oily and disgusting but I thought I'd give it ago anyway. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. As part of a new routine (goodbye, face wipes!) I have been removing my makeup, cleansing and then giving my skin a few drops of this to my face despite my reservations about the oil.

I didn't really take notice of the changes for the first few days I admit, but I did take a long look in the mirror when I kept getting complimented on my 'glow'.. And I noticed. I don't know whether its just down to the oil itself, or whether its my new routine - or even the fact I'm taking new supplements - but my face actually looks moderately okay without foundation. The oil, even if it doesn't have anything to do with the my skin clearing, definitely has something to do with how beautiful it feels. Its soft, even the areas which did used to get dry (either side of my nose, between my eyebrows) are feeling great. It soaks into my skin really quickly and doesn't leave a nasty slicky residue after application, leaving a lovely smell behind to boot.

I don't think I can afford £43 every so often in order to replenish my supply, but the trial bottle has hardly got a dent in it and I've used it for a week so hopefully it will keep me going long enough!

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